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The growing impact of wage

poverty in Britain means stagnant wages chase a rapid increase in the cost of living. Help For Young Families awards targets three core impact areas:


 - Home ownership

 - Postgraduate certification 

 - Enterprise start ups.

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Google recognises Help For Young Families for its Charitable work and innovative fundraising. What's on


Broadly speaking, Help For Young Families  seeks to assist as many people as it can.  Young income earning families at risk of wage poverty are our priority, however, each project and funding round targets unique groups.

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Some of the questions you've asked us. Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Help For Young Families Grants are never to be paid back. They are never a charge against your property nor an equity loan recouped upon sale of your property. A Grant is a no strings attached monetary Award.

Help For Young Families 

The next step along the path of family stability. We've got you

Help For Young Families

Recognizing wage poverty and averting its impact

Moving the next generation higher

Home Ownership

More so now  than ever before home ownership is more than  Just physical shelter. Help For Young Families believes It is financial security.  Enabling generations to create wealth 


An Asset

By owning your own home you put  a smile on their faces for generations to come not just today. We're here to help. Help For Young Families

Help For Young Families Is Grateful For Any Support

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Want to know  the in's and out. We'll send you the Help For Young Families Newsletter once you apply for a grant . However if you would want some back issues then you can have a look too

What They Say . . .

Paul and I are teachers.  We'd both re trained.  Me from a degree in psychology. Paul had A ' Level's.  We had our son after many years trying and   spending quite a bit on IVF treatments

Don't Forget . . .

One of the biggest tips  for young families  would be to spend just 20 more minutes inspecting the property that's going to be their home for many years to come.

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