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Focus Groups

The Home Deposit Grant

Are growing

Beginning August 31st, 2020, The Help For Young Families Trust resumes it's grant making efforts. The Trust will now no longer award grants covering the full 100% deposit, but will instead grant up to 50% of the total deposit towards your home.  The Trust  has also broadened it's focus groups to include all groups below.

According to the Office of National Statistics, property ownership is directly linked to wealth. A decision to award substantial grants to working families is neither risk nor negligence. It is the bedrock of social mobility and sustainable independence. Families create our communities.


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Public & Private Health employees and Contractors

  • Nurses and Student Nurses;

  • Midwives;

  • Health Visitors;

  • Healthcare Assistants;

  • Paramedics;

  • Cleaners;

  • Porters;

  • Catering Staff;

  • Medical Secretaries;

  • Clerical;

  • Admin staff and Scientific and Technical Staff.

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Voluntary and Non-Profit Organisations

  • Employee in non-profit organisations;

  • Ranging from large national charities to small grant-aided projects employing one part-timers;

  • and including housing associations.

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Public Sector Employees

  • Police and Justice Workers;

  • Employees working in the Police Service;

  • Probation;

  • Cafcass – the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Employees In 

  • Electricity Gas and Water companies;

  • The Environment Agency;

  • Passenger Transport Executives and Bus Companies;

  • British Waterways;

  • Regional and local airports and for Private Contractors;

  • Community and Voluntary.

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Employees working In Education

  • Schools;

  • Children’s services;

  • Colleges and Universities;

  • Librarians;

  • Registrars;

  • People working in personnel; IT and finance departments;

  • Teaching assistants;

  • Technicians;

  • Early years (nursery) staff;

  • Policy Advisers;

  • Administrators;

  • Aecretaries;

  • School Cleaners;

  • Caretakers;

  • School meals workers;

  • Craft Workers;

  • Porters.

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Private Contractors For Public Sector Contractors

  • Private Contractors;

  • Across the Public Sector;

  • Staff Employed by Private Companies including;

  • Hospital Cleaners;

  • Environmental Health Officers;

  • School Meals Workers;

  • Call Centre Workers.

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HFYF Grants are never  paid back. They are never a charge against your property and neither an equity loan recouped upon sale of your property. The  5% deposit grant is a no strings attached gift

Helping Young Families Grow

The next step along the path of family stability. We've got you

Taking care of our Country one Family at a time

Recognizing wage poverty and averting its impact

Moving the next generation higher

Home Ownership

More so now  than ever before home ownership is more than  Just physical shelter.  It is a financial security.  enabling generations to create wealth 

Our Mission

An Asset

By buying your own home you put  a smile on their faces for generations to come not just today. We're here to help

We're Grateful For Any Support

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Want to know  the in's and out. We'll send you the HFYF Newsletter once you apply for a grant . However if you would want some back issues then you can have a look too

Paul and I are teachers.  We'd both re trained.  Me from a degree in psychology. Paul had A ' Level's.  We had our son after many years trying and   spending quite a bit on IVF treatments

One of the biggest helps for young families busy with juggling all that needs to be done would be to spend just 20 more minutes inspecting that property that's going to be your home for many years?

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