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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Help to buy ISAs are literally free money given by the Government. Why miss out?

With Help For Young Families A Grant of up to £25,375 is what you're entitled to if you work for the NHS or live with immediate family member who does.

It's getting harder for first time buyers to own their own properties. Grants are offered strictly towards the purchase by for first time buyers only in a bid to curb both 'The Boomerang cycle' and 'The Poverty Trap.'

According to the BBC about 40% of young adults cannot afford to buy even the cheapest homes in their area even with a 5% deposit it's an alarming predicament not only for millennials but young families and increasingly older sets of the community are finding it hard to scrape money together.

Help For Young Families has been praised for its approach to campaigning and it's success at bringing attention to the need for the opportunities to be put in place for young people to make social mobility easier. Help For Young Families have fund raised aggressively to funds Grants for over 300 individuals within the NHS with grants of up to £25,735 each towards their deposit. A home deposit Grant which will not only help close a widening socioeconomic gap but will hopefully serve as a campaign focus on the impacts of wage poverty. 'Help spread the word and make life better for someone else' said Edwin Haywater, a spokesman for the Charity. 'For those who help others, we will help too' He went on to say.

Admittedly, there is little else government can do but help for young families believe big corporate organisations can help with donations towards the Grant funds.

Help For Young Families is determined to shine light on young people and the dilemma as they are exposed the financial more and more to due to insecurities of zero hour and open ended contracts which in both cases spells inconsistency. Research has shown that's social apathy comes with lack of ownership. Help For Young Families think tank links the lack of a desire to work to the lack of ownership and the commiserate drive and commitment to work as their parents did at their age. most young people do not need to work because there are no commitments.

Healthy young families argue that the emotional psychological instinct of the next generation of young people is at risk of fracture. it's important that basioc financial responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of young people sooner than later otherwise patterns and cycles of behaviour including mental health issues begin to evolve

The home deposit grant is the result of plural of converging reports statistics and think tanks. See here if you or anyone you know is eligible for a home deposit grant

Young families are hardest hit. Join Help For Young Families in fighting wage poverty. Spread the word - Over 4 million pounds has been put aside. Become someones opportunity.




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