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Help For Young Families highlights an alarming trend, the rapid Evacuation of UK's Capital by Londeners. The past few decades, have seen London’s economy expand by over 20%; as a result, Londons population, and its surrounding inner cities have witnessed population increases of over 10 million within just 10 years.

If you're thinking, well it's all roses then think again.

People are being driven out buckets bags and briefs … and guess where they end up. Other parts of England and Wales.

Over the last 10 years over half a million more Britons left London. House prices are simply unsustainable for young families and young people

Some say It's neither a trend that is about to calm nor is it a bad thing. It is simply a wind of change and many insist it is the new normal. As with most large cities across the globe especially in the West a combination of factors are at play.

International immigration and large number of twenty something's moving in to London. Places like Liverpool Sheffield Nottingham and many others also see movements but not quite the same to London migration. 20 something year olds are seeing these cities as attractive dwellings. For 30 somethings commuting has taken on a different narrative. Fast trains into paddington for example from as far afield as Nottingham.

Young families and young people are prepared to live in what is now referred to as the Greater South East

Trends show that 30 Something year old are leaving the capital as well as children under 4 which would suggest parents leaving with their young children.

Young families are moving out of the capital, very often in search of homes for less than London's outlandishly high prices .

They typically stay within commuting distance.

While 30 somethings are looking for green space and a 2 - 2.5 hour commute young twenty somethings are looking for vibrant cities to either work in or commute into London from.

The new buzzword "The Greater South East England Area" - is an area stretching from Southampton to Milton Keynes as far across to Norfolk too. Get intouch with help for young Families to see if you qualify for a grant to buy a home and cover your deposit.

So while Young Families no longer live in the city, they still have the option to work there.

Some Londoners remain past their 30s but figures show that they, howbeit a bit later also begin to arrive later.

Greater numbers are becoming more open to moving into new towns and Cities. At Help For Young Families we are proactively walking along side young families and young people by awarding grants that cover the full deposit as long as they are within our eligible group.




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