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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Lisa Gregory

I was speaking with my niece the other day and she's bent on buying a home outside London - maybe even in the southwest or the midlands. Young people are 'hell bent' on getting on the 'Property Ladder'.

That's encouraging, but still their prospects are bleak. The Guardian September 2018 spoke of the sun-drenched platform at Bath Spa station thronging with lawyers consultants and executives making their regular commute to London on a Friday their homes a lot cheaper and they get straight into Paddington the crisis is pricing the local indigenous out of the market but in speaking with most of them we had the one must mantra. the influx of money from London has been travelling and has inflated prices if this is the trend and social norm then what we're going to see is a sharp increase of prices across England.

The push will increase further and further to the midlands and to the North this is the time to get on the property market yes micro homes and miles of journey are thrown into an already out of hand conundrum but safe to say it will only get worse the wheel has already been spun and in full motion we are living with my mother-in-law in a very small cottage in the middle of bath a lady says there's us and our baby sharing a bedroom and my partner's mother in the other room that is the bleak position of people that live in the areas that Londoners more wealthy and more cash rich have taken over no this comes as a surprise to the city's MP who spoke of bath becoming more and more expensive wages are not keeping up with the prices of houses but that is the complexion across the capital help for young families with campaigning that help comes both to those within smaller communities outside the traditionally income rich areas to help people young families in the areas outside

Help For Young Families is campaigning strongly through its negotiation with corporations and it pushing for graduate work placement schemes. Also for our key workers like nurses and teachers as well as people working in the cities huge hospitality industry who cannot afford to live here says one resident "it is always nice to live in a city she says but there has to be a balance so that people who are actually working there can afford to live there" Bob Gordon the conservative councils housing cabinet minister thinks there are other factors at play. He mentions airbnb and student accommodation have been more of an influence than London is. He says we are losing a large amount of housing to student houses in Multiple occupation there are about 4200 people on the council waiting list for social housing but only 166 affordable homes were completed in Bath and North East Somerset in 2016.




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