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Change Lives. Change yours

All sorts of people volunteer for a variety of different reasons – from those currently out of work, students, those who are retired through to employed people who may only have the odd hour to volunteer.


One thing that unites all these people is that they find volunteering challenging, rewarding and varied.


If you choose to volunteer with Help For Young Families you will not only be adding a great deal to your life but also to the lives of those for whom you are supporting – the growing number of Britons suffering from the impact of wage poverty


If you are passionate about the next Generation and the falling standard of living or perhaps have live experience of receiving a full time wage that doesn't pay the bills, we would love to give you the opportunity to become involved in our charity.


You will meet new and like-minded people and will equip you with new skills and experience which may lead on to new career opportunities.

The Help For Young Families benefits massively from the input of our volunteers. Even a small commitment of just one hour a week can have a lasting effect on our charity and the people and communities we represent


And then there's the bonus offer we

make to all our volunteers


Many Eligible Staff groups  now use the internet. As a social media volunteer, you’ll help to spread the message of Help For Young Families to those who need us most at a time that suits them with social media posts created for you.

What will you get out of it?

You will be there to signpost Eligible applicants through your social media accounts and to reach those who may not realise they have a chance to move up the social ladder. With a lot of workers turning to online methods of reaching support it’s a chance for you to give back to your online community without leaving the comfort of your sofa. You’ll have the chance to develop your IT and communication skills along the way and to help with developing our social media posts.

What’s involved?

• You’ll share a selection of Help For Young Families graphics, articles and news posts from a specially developed online resource pack you’ll receive via email each month.

• You’ll help to signpost eligible persons and groups to Help For Young Families online. • You’ll feedback about your social media posts and how valuable people have found them.

• You’ll help to develop future online content packs for volunteers with your feedback and reporting.

The skills you’ll need…

• a good knowledge of at least one social media platform

• access to a computer, tablet or phone with internet access

• excellent online communication skills • a friendly personality

How we will support you

As well as the Help For Young Families volunteering handbook, you will have regular monthly contact with the volunteer team to provide you with support and guidance throughout.

How to apply

You can apply for this role on our website. We’ll be in touch with details of how you can get started, a welcome pack and your volunteer handbook. You may be invited to carry out a short online test for this role. Successful candidates are required to undertake mandatory training. All volunteers must be over 18 years old. Help For Young Families offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer.

"For me, my role is about giving back to the community who supported me when I needed it"

Thank you for choosing to Volunteer with Help For Young Families

The next step along the path of family stability. We've got you

Taking care of our Country one Family at a time

Recognizing wage poverty and averting its impact

Moving the next generation higher

Home Ownership

More than ever before home ownership is not just physical shelter.  It is financial security.  Enabling generations to create wealth 

For your home deposit Grant

Our Mission

An Asset

By buying your own home you put  a smile on their faces for generations to come not just today. We're here to help

We're Grateful For Any Support

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Paul and I are teachers.  We'd both re trained.  Me from a degree in psychology. Paul had A ' Level's.  We had our son after many years trying and   spending quite a bit on IVF treatments

One of the biggest helps for young families busy with juggling all that needs to be done would be to spend just 20 more minutes inspecting that property that's going to be your home for many years?

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