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...Just A Helping Hand

Paul and I are teachers.  We'd both re trained.  Me from a degree in psychology. Paul had A ' Level's.  We had our son after many years trying and   spending quite a bit on IVF treatments and now we finally have a our Son but even with all the help the government has given we had found that buying our first home, especially getting a deposit had been out of our reach.


We simply spent so much money on starting our family that we couldn't afford a home for us. We were so happy when Help For Young Families stepped in to save the Day.

We qualified for the whole 5% and we were able to proceed with the purchase of our a leafy suburb three bedroom semi-detached home.  


All we had to do was show we had a working income, meet the help-to-buy criteria and  since we had a young family - youngest under 10, we qualified !

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I never would have thought i could start my own business and do well !

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Families are the bedrock of any society. If they succeed, we all do. Lets give a hurrah for Families

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