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Research from the institute for Fiscal Studies shows home ownership fell especially in the 25 - 34 years age bracket to just 27% in 2016 from 65% two decades ago.. Many don’t know where to turn to for. Its getting harder and harder to own a home.


As a Workplace Champion you are the vital link between Help For Young Families and your colleagues. You’ll spread the word about the 5% deposit grant. Up to £25,735 and raise awareness of Help For Young Families  in your workplace.


By promoting this great opportunity  you’ll be able to signpost those looking for support to the benefits of owning a home why we're they still can



What will you get out of it?


It’s a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, develop your organisational skills, get creative and make a real difference to the lives of people who may never have had the opportunity to own a home.



What’s involved?


• By putting up posters and sharing information you’ll signpost colleagues who may be working hard but unable to save adequately for a home to our website where they can find support and apply.

• You’ll publicise our high profile national awareness campaigns such as Help For Young Families Week and flag up sporting and challenge event opportunities, and use your people skills to get your colleagues involved.

• You know your office better than we do. We’d love you to come up with ideas for events and

activities – from a breakfast club or bake sale to running an information stand or holding a quiz

night. Let us know your ideas!

Thank you for choosing to Volunteer with Help For Young Families

Recognizing wage poverty and averting its impact

The next step along the path of family stability. We've got you

Taking care of our Country one Family at a time

Moving the next generation higher

Home Ownership

More than ever before home ownership is not just physical shelter.  It is financial security.  Enabling generations to create wealth 

For your home deposit Grant

Our Mission

An Asset

By buying your own home you put  a smile on their faces for generations to come not just today. We're here to help

We're Grateful For Any Support

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Want to know  the in's and out. We'll send you the HFYF Newsletter once you apply for a grant . However if you would want some back issues then you can have a look too

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Paul and I are teachers.  We'd both re trained.  Me from a degree in psychology. Paul had A ' Level's.  We had our son after many years trying and   spending quite a bit on IVF treatments

One of the biggest helps for young families busy with juggling all that needs to be done would be to spend just 20 more minutes inspecting that property that's going to be your home for many years?

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